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VIDEO: African pop star’s unlikely comeback

How one of the biggest African pop stars faded into obscurity, went into local politics - and then was reborn in the clubs of LA.

VIDEO: Changing times in Somalia’s ‘pirate village’

There are warnings about a new outbreak of piracy off Somalia's coast in spite of an international naval taskforce and UK backed efforts to...

VIDEO: Akon ‘bringing electricity to Africa’

Senegalese born hip-hop musician Akon is hoping to bring electricity to 600 million people across Africa through his Lighting Africa...

Rare hurricane hits Cape Verde

An extremely rare hurricane, with winds of up to 130kp/h (80mph) has hit the island nation of Cape Verde, off the coast of West Africa.

The Human Reasons Why Athletes Who Dope Get Away With It

South Sudan troops ‘break ceasefire’

South Sudan's rebel leader accuses the government of violating a ceasefire hours after it came into effect, following the signing of a new...

Lucius Gantt

Political Respect

The major and minor political parties that you love do not deserve respect, individuals do! African Americans, more than any other ethnic...

Lucius Gantt

Cat Lives Matter

Of all of the columns that I have written over the past 30 or 40 years, the columns that get the most responses are the columns about...

SA manhunt for ‘grenade killer’

Police in South Africa are searching for a 30-year-old man accused of killing his wife with a hand grenade following a domestic dispute.

Boko Haram ‘spreads to Lagos’

Boko Haram is trying to expand its activities to southern Nigeria, include the commercial capital Lagos, as well as other parts of the...