Wednesday 8 July 2015
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Taking the T Out of LGBT

by Nicola Jane Chase It has taken time, but now the public has more appreciation for what the T in LGBT stands for. They may still have...

Hypocrites and bigots

I’m confused. Muslims have a saying: you are not a true believer in Allah unless you want for your brother what you want for...

Google pulls ‘undeletable’ app

YouTube gamer PewDiePie ‘earns $7m’

Musk aims to save world from evil AI

farm to school

Growing Farm to School Programs

Farm to school programs offer children better, fresher, more nutritious, and more local food choices that empower children and their...

BBC unveils final Micro Bit design

Samsung’s earnings to miss forecasts

Jeff Sloter horizontal homeless veteran panhandling beg begging beggar begger money food vet hunger hungry starvation starving desperate desperation war man male senior adult hobo bum white caucasian street shelter social issue society homelessness poverty poor low lower class unemployed unemployment jobless economy economic recession VStock

How Veterans’ Organizations and Corporations Are Taking Radical Approaches to Homelessness

Does the city of Orlando hold the key to solving the issue of homelessness for veterans? The Orlando Veterans Affairs organization...

A Soldier on the Mob Beat