Armani for Aladdin


Armani Salado is a local Orlando talent, currently attending UCF.  He’s originally from Boston, MA, but now lives in Orlando, FL where

In a recent interview by The Odyssey magazine, Armani talked about his love of acting, the films he’s been featured in, and his not-so-secret desire to be cast as Aladdin in the upcoming Disney live action movie version. USA, LLC

Family and friends put him on the Aladdin track.  Take a good look at him and you can easily see why.  He’s almost a dead-ringer for the character.  More importantly, though, he’s already got some acting skills– the 21-year-old has already appeared in the widely acclaimed Insurgent: The Divergent series–  and he’s even appeared as lead in three other short films: “Orphanolo” (as Teaco), “The Catch” (as William), and “Colors of Innocence” (as Keith).   All three short films are scheduled to be released this year.

Armani is hoping that you will help him land part of Aladdin, which for him would be the role of a lifetime.   He told Odyssey that “acting has been my first true love and it would be a true honor and blessing to be able to do it for the rest of my life.”

So, how can  you help this burgeoning young Orlando actor?  Odyssey interviewer Xzana Parson says: “Help Armani out by retweeting this tweet and using the hashtag #armaniforaladdin!”

But if you need further convincing, take a look at these videos Armani made to show one and all he’s not just “whistlin’ Dixie.”  (He’s singing).

Read the interview with Odysseyonline here.



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