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Coffee and Pictures

There is nothing unusual about so-called Negro leaders being invited to state, federal and local government institutions to meet with newly...

Lucius Gantt

Feeding the Hood

     I’m probably paraphrasing a bit but Malcolm X once said something like, “A man can’t sit at the dinner table with an empty...

lucius gantt

The Trump Trick

     Sometimes a woman’s girlfriend will tell her, “I saw your man last night at the club hugging and kissing another woman!”

lucius gantt

Rats on a Sinking Ship

A wharf rat is a large rat that is commonly found on wharves. These kinds of rats often sustain themselves by pilfering from warehouses...

Immigration Ignorance

Where would President Donald Trump, his ancestors, his wife, his business partners and other United States citizens of European descent be...

lucius gantt

Fake News

Lying politicians are a lot like crack heads! One cannot stop tweeting misinformation and the other cannot stop sucking on “Damien’s...

lucius gantt

Trump Rules

During the Michael Jordon championship runs with the Chicago Bulls in the National Basketball Association many people felt that Jordon...

henry crespo

Democratic Black Caucus of Florida hosts FDP Chair Candidate Meeting

Orlando, FL – December 27, 2016 – On Friday January 6th, 2017 the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida (DBCF) Executive Campaign...

Lucius Gantt

Blacks and Fake News

At one time in history the only news that Black people could get was the news they got from Black media. Positive news articles back in the...

Lucius Gantt

Dating Donald

Internet dating sites are a quick way to see and consider men and women that appear to be relationship possibilities.  It doesn’t take...