Saturday 25 February 2017
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This is what a deportation looks like

Zain Asher interviews a U.S. immigration officer as he carries out a deportation arrest.

Connecticut governor tells police not to work with ICE

Jackie Ibanez reports from New York

ICE Immigration Enforcement Raids – LA, Chicago

Video of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducting targeted enforcement operations in L.A. and Chicago. More than 680...

AARP Launches Campaign Urging Opposition to “Age Tax” 

Congressional Proposal Would Charge Older Americans Thousands of Dollars More for Health InsuranceWashington, DC -AARP today launched a...


NAACP Statement On Confirmation Of Jeff Sessions As Attorney General

Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was confirmed as the nation’s 84th US Attorney General this evening, despite intense opposition...


After Officials Sign Off, Cleveland Clinic Doctor Secretly Returns Home

by Charles Ornstein, ProPublica.orgIn a clandestine mission that had the makings of a hostage rescue, the Cleveland Clinic and its lawyers...

Restraining Order Issued Against Trump’s Travel Ban

According to Reuters, a federal judge in Seattle, Washington has issued a temporary restraining order putting a nationwide block on...

obama man of the people

Obama: a genuine man of the people

Eight years where the people truly matteredThe top is a lonely place to be. The weight of the world literally resting on your shoulders. ...

Top Democrats, Cancer Patients Unite Against Obamacare Repeal

Long Beach VoiceWaves, Video, Crystal Niebla What’s at stake if Obamacare gets repealed?

affordable care

Parents With Autistic Kids Could Lose Care in ACA Repeal

Viji Sundaram, New America Media SAN FRANCISCO – As a parent of a 10-year-old son with autistic, dental and medical issues, Christina...