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Lucius Gantt

Political Idol Worshipers

Many Americans are beginning to feel that the 45th President of the United States is beginning to act as if he thinks he is a dictator. The...

Lucius Gantt

Preparation for War

One of the greatest signs that there is a chance of a war is the preparation for a war! Historically, when Western or other nations want to...

lucius gantt

The Black Political Clap Back

There are two major political parties in the United States. There are Republicans and there are Democrats. Twenty years ago, most, if not...

lucius gantt

Foolish Hate

Unfortunately, many children at one time or another say they hate one or both of their parents. This behavior is unacceptable but...

Lucius Gantt

Black Aspirations

I have begun to compile the data for my next book which will be titled “The Light is the Truth.”  God willing, the book will be...

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Coffee and Pictures

There is nothing unusual about so-called Negro leaders being invited to state, federal and local government institutions to meet with newly...

Lucius Gantt

Feeding the Hood

     I’m probably paraphrasing a bit but Malcolm X once said something like, “A man can’t sit at the dinner table with an empty...

lucius gantt

The Trump Trick

     Sometimes a woman’s girlfriend will tell her, “I saw your man last night at the club hugging and kissing another woman!”

lucius gantt

Rats on a Sinking Ship

A wharf rat is a large rat that is commonly found on wharves. These kinds of rats often sustain themselves by pilfering from warehouses...

Immigration Ignorance

Where would President Donald Trump, his ancestors, his wife, his business partners and other United States citizens of European descent be...