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ORLANDO-- Charlie Crist easily defeated challenger Nan Rich, and will head into the November elections as the Democratic party's candidate to unseat Gov. Rick Scott.  Sen. Geraldine Thompson also gets the voters' nod after defeating challenger Gary Siplin by a margin of almost 2-1.  Incumbents almost always win.

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West Palm Beach — Gov. Rick Scott has waged an unrelenting assault on the women of Florida since he was elected in 2010.Today, Florida Planned Parenthood PAC’s Women Are Watching campaign unveiled the results of a survey where Floridians were asked to name his worst action against the women of our state

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gunsA federal appeals court has ruled that a Florida law preventing doctors from talking about gun ownership with their patients is constitutional.  Medical professionals are saying this is a violation of rights – and harmful to a patient’s health.

“When you take your children to a doctor, it’s because they’re sick or they need medical care. You don’t take your child to a doctor to have the doctor express his or her political views about guns,” said NRA spokeswoman Marion Hammer.‘Docs vs. Glocks’ was the phrase coined after the Florida legislature passed a law in 2011 forbidding doctors from talking with patients about gun ownership.  The NRA heavily backed the proposal.

‘Docs vs. Glocks’ wasthe phrase coined after the Florida legislature passed a law in 2011 forbidding doctors from talking with patients about gun ownership.  The NRA heavily backed the proposal.

A lower court judge found the law unconstitutional in 2012.  Now, a federal appeals court has ruled the other way. Healthcare professionals say the number of gun related accidents is reason enough to have a conversation with their patients.

Accidental shooting deaths killed at least 17 children last year in Florida.  Dr. Louis St. Petery says it should be no different than talking to a parent about car seats for safety.

“Prevention is the name of the game, so, for prevention of diseases there are immunizations which have done a terrific job, but for children, now the biggest killers are accidents,” said Dr. St. Petery.

Pro-gun groups say the law protects a patient's privacy. Physicians don’t need to know what they own.

“They’re not firearms instructors; they’re not safety instructors; they’re trained in medicine. That’s why we go see them,” said Hammer.

Florida’s American Civil Liberties Union bashed the appeals court decision.

“These conversations are needed, and we can’t allow the legislature to block these conversations just because it’s a conversation about guns,” said Howard Simon, ACLU Florida’s Executive Director.

The ban on the law will be kept in place until the entire appeals process has been completed.

The physicians and gun control groups involved in the lawsuit have said they will appeal the federal court’s decision. The ruling does allow doctors to give patients pamphlets or brochures on safety.

31.Jul.2014 DISQUS_COMMENTS Written by

FullwoodJACKSONVILLE, FL - State Representative. Reggie Fullwood, D-Jacksonville, has filed a lawsuit challenging the state's decision to disqualify his candidacy for re-election, according to The Florida Times-Union.

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TALLAHASSEE, FL -  Floridians really, really support the legalization of medical marijuana, according to a poll released Monday morning.

The poll found that 88 percent of Florida voters approve of medical marijuana, including 83 percent of voters age 65 and older and 95 percent of those between 18 and 29.

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The Florida Medical Association has backed the idea of accepting federal money to expand Medicaid eligibility --- but with a major caveat. Jeff Scott, the FMA's general counsel, issued a statement Monday saying the politically powerful organization's House of Delegates backed the Medicaid eligibility issue "but only if this expansion safeguards patient access to care while increasing Medicaid payment rates to Medicare levels for all physicians."

Annette TaddeoTALLAHASSEE, FL - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist on Thursday named Miami-Dade County party leader Annette Taddeo as his running mate, a move that could help Crist in voter-rich South Florida while appealing to women and Hispanics.

The announcement was somewhat unorthodox because Crist still needs to defeat former state Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich in the Aug. 26 Democratic primary. But Crist has repeatedly said he is focused on the general election against Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

15.Jul.2014 DISQUS_COMMENTS Written by

Black Chicagoans on the South Side of the city are denouncing their native son President Barack Obama for his recent actions on behalf of illegal immigrants, and for what they say is non-action on behalf of them. 

04.Jun.2014 DISQUS_COMMENTS Written by

(Washington, DC)   With regard to the trial concerning the constitutionality of Florida’s congressional district maps, Congresswoman Brown made the following statement:

13.Jul.2014 DISQUS_COMMENTS Written by

(Washington, DC)   With regard to Circuit Judge Terry Lewis’ ruling that Florida’s Congressional map must be withdrawn, Congresswoman Brown made the following statement:

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