Trump: ‘I am not a racist.’ I just prefer white people– like, from Norway

Much of the media attention surrounding the President’s latest controversial comments have focused on his choice of words in describing African countries during an Oval Office meeting and preference for people from Norway last week.

President Trump has denied making the “sh*tholes countries” comment attributed to him last week despite the fact that initial responses by White House staff seemed to focus more on explaining what he meant by what he said than saying he did not make them.  That seems to be a pattern with this administration, where insiders are routinely caught off guard by the President’s penchant for speaking without a filter.

How about his other alleged statement: that he would prefer more (blond and blue-eyed) people from “Norway” over people like Haitians.  Aside from the clear racial implications of the statement, for advocates of gender equality more Norwegians might not be such a bad idea, since they are today much more progressive than their American counterparts.  Norway actually ranks number one in the world in gender equality in the area of economic participation and opportunity, and third in political empowerment.  But we all know what the president had in mind when he made the comment, don’t we?

Should the president get the benefit of the doubt when he says “I didn’t do it?”  Or does his history of speaking off-script and then denying that he did destroy his credibility?

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