Another Democrat Wins in State Trump Won by Landslide


Trump supporters seem to be slowly walking away from the president within 13 months of his taking office.  In another major win at the polls Democrats just pulled of their second solid upset of 2018.

Democrat Mike Revis managed to pull out a win in the Missouri House District 97 race, in a district that overwhelmingly voted for Trump by a 61-33 margin.

What made the win so remarkable is that the GOP has controlled the seat for 8 years, suggesting that the electorate just might be dissatisfied with both the party and the president.  Tuesday’s vote was for Revis by a 52-48 margin—a significant turnaround from the 2016 results.

The Dem’s latest victory continues a noticeable trend in the long march back from the surprising results of 2016. Last year, Democrats picked up five seats in special elections in Oklahoma and Georgia. And a couple of weeks ago in Wisconsin, a traditionally GOP seat was snatched by a Democratic challenger.

The GOP appears to be in trouble.  GOP drum beater Sean Hannity even blamed Obama for this week’s stock market plunge.  This type of Republican insanity seems to be impacting the party’s rank-and-file– who were legitimately, even if mistakenly– hoping for less of the same old posturing and more along the lines of a brand new day. The day of reckoning is looming.  It remains to be seen just how what the final result will be this coming November.

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