The U.S. is the second largest construction market in the world, with a market share of 10%, and a new and innovative effort from developer Tavistock reveals a shipping container park, says the Orlando Sentinel.

Durable, steel shipping containers average a 25-year lifespan and require minimal maintenance, and the project — called Boxi Park — will use a total of 12 containers for restaurants, bars, and performance spaces.

“Boxi Park will provide a unique entertainment venue to relax, grab a beer, let the kids run around, and enjoy the sunshine,” Tavistock president Jim Zboril said in a statement.

Furthermore, Boxi Park, which Tavistock confirmed in May, has undergone some alterations to its plans and is now anticipating a December opening. Upon completion, Boxi Park will be approximately 30,000 square feet in size, and the shipping containers used in the design will be mobile and ready for transformation as the park and entertainment district both continue to expand.

An estimated 70 million dogs are living in U.S. households, and dog owners in the area will be delighted to hear about the development of a fenced dog park in the Boxi Park district as well, where they can bring their furry friends along for some activity.

The $780 million development, which is located in Lake Nona’s Town Center District, will be adjacent to the five-story parking garage in addition to a second parking lot at the northwest corner of Lake Nona Boulevard and Tavistock Lakes Boulevard.

But it doesn’t end there: if you’re feeling overheated and need some coverage from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, you’ll have plenty of room to do so in the several containers that are designated to provide shade to visitors. Tavistock aims to have live performances on many nights, and there’s even a playground to provide younger children with something to do.

This shipping container entertainment space isn’t quite the first of its kind: Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas spans approximately 19,000 square feet with a mix of 30 shipping containers and 41 multifunctional modular cubes forming its perimeter. However, Senior Director for Tavistock Development Company Jessi Blakely told WMFE that this shipping container outdoor entertainment venue, in particular, is likely to be the very first one anywhere on the East Coast.

As mentioned, Boxi Park is just one component of the full Lake Nona Town Center, which, after project completion, will boast a total of 4 million square feet of retail and entertainment space.

“It’ll be an incubator for dining options in Lake Nona and we’ll be able to try some things and see if they are things that might work out long-term and maybe other places throughout the community,” Blakely said.

To make the project complete, Tavistock is adding soWith all of the creative space and activities Boxi Park has planned, there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

“We’re leading the way in Central Florida on trends in sustainable design while evolving the concept of food halls to create a destination-worthy attraction,” Charles B. Lewis, senior managing director of Tavistock Group, told Click Orlando. “We’re really looking forward to using this platform to bring fresh FandB concepts to Lake Nona’s growing town center.”