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irma lands in Florida

Irma Arrives; back to Cat 4 strength

Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida around 9 a.m. at Cudjoe Key.  The hurricane strengthened again as its northernmost eyewall reached the lower Florida...
virgin islands carnage

Hurricane Irma devastates Caribbean, shifts west creating ‘very dangerous situation’ for Florida

Hurricane Irma left a trail of destruction through the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands.  It continues fluctuating in wind speed but the danger this...

Mexico hit by one of biggest earthquakes ever, 15 killed; Tsunami warnings issued

MEXICO CITY (AP) -- One of the most powerful earthquakes ever to strike Mexico has hit off its southern coast, killing at least 15...
barbuda devastated

Prime Minister: Island of Barbuda ‘barely habitable’ after Hurricane Irma

Gaston Browne, prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, said 95% of the buildings on Barbuda were damaged when the core of Category 5 Hurricane...

Hurricane watches expected; Hurricane Irma threatens, Hurricanes Katia and Jose coming

David Fleshler, Skyler Swisher and Anthony ManContact Reporter, Sun Sentinel | Hurricane watches could be posted for South Florida as early as Thursday, as the latest forecast showed a...
hurricane irma

Hurricane Irma still targeting Florida; Now Category 5

Hurricane Irma, a dangerous Category 4 storm, still has Florida firmly in its sights as it continues its westerly trek approaching the Caribbean islands...
al gore climate reality project

Climate Reality Project Turns Everyday People Into Climate Activists

Dear EarthTalk: What exactly is Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and how does it work to train activists?    –Kelly G., Washington, DCThe Climate...
hurricane irma

Hurricane Irma Headed Toward Florida

Hurricane Irma chugged west on Monday, with Florida — and particularly the southern tip of the state — looking increasingly vulnerable.Gov. Rick Scott declared...
hurricane harvey

Was Hurricane Harvey caused by global warming?

Scientists “credit” human-induced global warming with causing many marine and terrestrial wildlife species — such as the chamois mountain goat of the Italian alps...
global warming evolution

Global Warming Evolution: Wildlife Shrinkage on the Rise

Dear EarthTalk: Could global warming really already be a factor in the evolution of wildlife species?    ---—Vince Dominick, Camden, NJNo doubt the quickly...
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