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affordable housing

Affordable Housing Spirals Down

By Christopher G. CoxA recent study by the Urban Institute reports that in communities across the nation home prices...
sleep apnea

4 Undiscussed But Serious Side Effects of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea affects between 5 and 20 percent of adults and 10-20 percent of children

Moderate or Severe Sleep Apnea Doubles Risk Of Hard-to-Treat Hypertension in African-Americans

By Dallas Post Tribune StaffAfrican-Americans with moderate or severe sleep apnea are twice as likely to have hard-to-control...
timothy plan logo

Timothy Plan Origins from Timothy 5:8 and 22

ORLANDO, Fla.—More than 25 years ago, Timothy Plan founder Art Ally had an internal struggle.He had...

SOAR: Ride Along With The World’s Most Accomplished And Secretive Special Ops Aviation Unit

Parker, CO, December 21, 2018—There are few of us who have experienced what Special Operations team members have...

Disability: Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Children especially should be exposed to disability issues now because among them may be the few who one day make the discoveries that change the lives of disabled people everywhere.

Was Jesus born in Judea? Or the West Bank?

by Laurie Cardoza-Moore, Proclaiming Justice to the NationsIn this special season, reminders of God’s special covenant with Israel...
Jimmy Patronis

Patronis: $1.1 Million for Hurricane Michael Consumers Two Months after Landfall

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.— Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis has been on the ground in the Panhandle affected...
Teenage and Young Adult Surival Handbook

Surviving the Holidays in a Dysfunctional Home

EXCERPT, The Teenage and Young Adult Survival HandbookBy Steve SimpsonThe...

10 Tips for Including People With Disabilities in Your Party

Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, president of Respectability. Photo courtesy of RespectabilityWith the holiday season upon us, it’s...